Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sew Sweet Violet Podcast ..... Episode 13

Hello my lovely friends
I hope you're having a wonderful April
It's my favourite month of the whole year
full of new beginnings and hope
and Sweet Bee's birthday

Here are the show notes for Episode Thirteen

Finished Things

Dear Amber socks for March

In the making

New Treasure!

Beautiful embroidery from Briony

Quince sparrow in Luna and Viburnam

Podcast Love

Shop News

Bunny project bags
will be in my Etsy shop
Friday April 21st at 6pm GST (UK time)


BIG love
x Jooles x


  1. I am so glad you 'outed' Tales from Cuckoo Land. I watched the podcasts last week after reading a comment she made. Such an enjoyable podcast. I wanted to tell everyone. I used to love her blog and was thrilled to see a podcast. Gaynor is such a funny, empathetic and kind person I always enjoyed reading what she had to say, so watching her podcast was a treat.

  2. I really like the little bags, and the socks look super cosy. x


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